It Calls From Below: Anthology of Horror

What is beneath our feet? Below our skin? What lurks in the darkness in the basement, or deep inside the earth? How far down can you read before you go insane? Step down into the chilling stories in Below

We woefully present you with tales of the twisted and terrifying.

Listen to maddening transmissions, step into a basement of secrets, encounter a mother whose hate transcends death, a late-night work call becomes a fight of survival, demons lurk, and spirits seek their final revenge.

These are not your Mother’s bedtime stories…

Published May 2023 by Eerie River Publishing

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Our Little Plan


by David J. Thirteen

While flipping an old house, Gary wakes up to the sound of small voices singing in the vents. He hopes it’s nothing to worry about, but Julia has been acting strangely ever since she went down to the cellar. He should be concerned, but Julia’s no longer talking about breaking up after they sell the house, and she’s actually affectionate to him. Why ruin a good thing? Still, the basement door calls to him, beckoning him to go where he least wants to be.