The Monsters We Forgot – Part I

Have you heard the grisly truth about the real tooth fairy?
Or why certain children must never play in the rain?
What about the witch who lives in the projects?
Do you know the real reason we no longer recognize the ancient constellation Noctua?
Or the secret history of Canada’s most tragic monster?
Did you hear about that creepy tape that cures loneliness forever?
Or the weird pet with the big eyes, gorgeous fur, long stinger, and otherworldly powers?

A demonic wolf that hunts its quarry to the ends of the earth…
An inhuman abomination hidden deep in the Mexican countryside…
A bloodthirsty spirit perpetuating the brutal horrors he committed in life…
A beautiful god with a single, horrific command…

These are just a few of THE MONSTERS WE FORGOT.

Comprising the first three volumes of the bestselling MONSTERS horror anthology series, THE MONSTERS WE FORGOT trilogy is a chilling collection of over 100 folklore-inspired horror stories by an international team of authors ranging from award-winners and bestsellers to visionary newcomers. These stories draw inspiration from the folklore traditions of countries including Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Ireland, Wales, England, Norway, Nigeria, Greece, Poland, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States, the tales in this three-part collection range from original folktales and chilling myths to information-age monsters and modern urban legends, and everything in between.

Within the 128,083 words of Part I, you’ll find a treasure trove of myths, legends, folktales, urban legends, historical accounts, and stories about horrors, both ancient and modern, that have been hidden, ignored, or forgotten entirely.

Turn on the lights, check the locks, and settle in. You’re about to remember THE MONSTERS WE FORGOT.


Published December 2019 by Soteira Press

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Les Maudits by David J. Thirteen

Long ago, when Ste. Émeline was little more than a rest stop along a fur trading route, a chance encounter changes an unfortunate boy into a terrible fiend. After months of terrorizing the town, a group of trappers captures and exiles the creature known as The Bibitte to a remote island where it can do no more harm. Or so they think.