New Story Available in June

My short story, Lockers for Life, will appear in June/July issue of Seize the Press. Seize the Press is a relatively new online magazine and is currently only available through a Patreon subscription, although they do make one story per issue available for free on their website. I will keep everyone updated on how you can obtain mine when it’s released in mid-June.

Story Background

Lockers for Life concerns an haunted storage locker. It was originally written as part of the course I took with Gwendolyn Kiste on revitalizing old tropes. This story was my submission for the ghosts assignment. It was inspired by the style Adam Nevill used in his collection Wyrd and other Derelictions. His concept of derelictions are tales told through the evidence left in the aftermath of a catastrophe or horrific occurrence. These tales have no characters, just a narrator guiding the reader through a landscape.

I didn’t quite follow Nevill’s model for a dereliction, and I certainly don’t possess his talent for describing things with such accuracy that the reader is viscerally placed in the setting described, but Lockers for Life walks the reader through a storage facility to locker 199, a place best left closed and forgotten.

I hope all who read it will enjoy the experience.

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